walkthrough wogger mini #41


 wogger mini #41

wogger mini #41

In the middle of the night a spider lets itself down
and kidnaps our peacefully sleeping Tippiti!

wogger mini #41

Click on all the stars, then it's dawning
and Wogger is looking around in bewilderment.
Click on the door, Wogger enters the house,
but comes back after a while, disappointed.

wogger mini #41

Take the pickaxe which is lying in front of the door,
and put it in Wogger's mind bubble.
Do the same with the board swimming in the water below Wogger.

wogger mini #41

Now click the rock, Wogger walks there and thinks…
Take the pickaxe out of his mind bubble and drive it into the rock.

wogger mini #41

Wogger goes to the pickaxe and with its help can enter the jungle!

wogger mini #41



Besides these minigames, there is a full version which can be bought here or try for free here www.wogger.de

Thanks a lot to Locke and www.gamepad.de for the solution and Ribbit for the translation!











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