walkthrough wogger mini #84


 wogger mini #84

wogger mini #84

A green thingy swims to the heart and makes it turn green.
Click and hold the mouse button over the green thingy, and it disappears.

wogger mini #84

The heart turns back to red, we click Wogger's head and place the heart in his mind bubble.
Click his head again, open the submarine hatch and he climbs inside.
Click the submarines stern and it moves on...

wogger mini #84

Now there's a new obstacle for Wogger - the crab. Take the little string animal on the top, and scare the crab away with it.

wogger mini #84

Click the rear of the submarine again and it moves on.

wogger mini #84

Open the hatch and click the heart. Wogger takes it into his mind bubble and closes the hatch.

wogger mini #84

Click the rear again and the submarine goes to the surface.

wogger mini #84

Open the hatch so that Wogger can come out.

wogger mini #84


Besides these minigames, there is a large full version which can be bought here or try for free here www.wogger.de

Thanks a lot to Locke and www.gamepad.de for the solution and Ribbit for the translation!











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