walkthrough wogger mini #9 - #10


 wogger mini #9

Tickle the spider - it will go away and you can walk on a bit.
Click the middle of the web and the spider will pull it up.

Click the boat, it will go on, then pull the lever above Tippiti.
The water rises and we can go on.


wogger mini #10

Pull the lever above Tippiti's head, and the water will rise.

Click the boat, it will move and touch a rock ledge.
The ledge breaks, falls into the water and retains it a bit.
Click the boat, so that it goes on, and pull the next lever.
The water level falls and we must pull the third lever quickly,
which is still under water!

Set your cursor on the lever and click!

 The water level is held, and we can go on.


Besides these minigames, there is a full version which can be bought here

Thanks a lot to Locke and www.gamepad.de for the solution and Ribbit for the translation!











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