walkthrough wogger mini #46


 wogger mini #46

wogger mini #46

The quiet is over, because Wogger falls off the edge of the planet
into the infinite depths of space!

wogger mini #46

Take the propeller off the space raft, place it on Tippiti
and push the little button on the mast of the raft.
She takes off to look for Wogger and save him!

wogger mini #46

Take the propeller off Tippiti (approach from left side!)
 and place it on the big rock.

wogger mini #46

The rock lifts and Tippiti can go down.



Besides these minigames, there is a full version which can be bought here or try for free here www.wogger.de

Thanks a lot to Locke and www.gamepad.de for the solution and Ribbit for the translation!











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