walkthrough wogger mini #13 - #14


 wogger mini #13

Click the first cork on its lower third, then click its top.
Wogger will jump on it.

Do the same with the second cork, and Wogger will jump on that.
Now click the first cork again so that Wogger's friend jumps there.
Take the board and pave the way to the other side for our friends.

Click on the rock and Wogger will walk there.


Now click the second cork and our couple is together again.


wogger mini #14

Here you need good timing !

Click on the 3 blinking eyes (in any order), then click the lever.
If you were fast enough, the fence will roll back.

Now click the hotspot and our couple starts walking…


Close the fence by clicking on the handles (Bügel). 


Besides these minigames, there is a full version which can be bought here

Thanks a lot to Locke and www.gamepad.de for the solution and Ribbit for the translation!











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